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Keynote Tom Fishburne

« Marketing cartoons, content marketing with a sense of humor »… tout un programme pour la keynote d’ouverture ! Inspirant et décalé, incisif et grand expert du digital, Tom Fishburne est le créateur de la série Marketoonist et auteur de “Your Ad Ignored Here”.

Mardi 8 octobre - 11h 

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Beyond the shiny new thing to sustained organizational change, by Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist 

We have to stay focused on our marketing priorities and not get distracted by every shiny new … LOOK! SQUIRREL!
Marketers love chasing the shiny new thing … the perennial next big idea in marketing. That excitement can keep us informed but it can also distract us from the fundamentals.  It also keeps us tethered to the marketing herd, following the same tactics as everyone else.
At the same time, there has never been greater urgency for marketers to experiment and change.  And, yet, most organizations are allergic to that change.  And so, marketing technology initiatives are often adopted shallowly, missing their full potential.  Forrester recently found that 21% of businesses believe they are “finished” with digital transformation.  If we want to pursue digital transformation, we ultimately have to think about organizational transformation.  
With cartoons and case studies, Marketoonist creator Tom Fishburne will help us laugh at ourselves as a way to think about how we adopt new marketing technology, overcome fear, and drive organizational change.  These are the awkward adolescent years of digital marketing. This talk will frame the right marketing mindset needed to take advantage of the modern digital world.



Tom Fishburne started drawing cartoons on the backs of business cases as a student at Harvard Business School.  From a cartoon emailed to coworkers in 2002, Tom’s Marketoonist series has grown by word of mouth to reach a few hundred thousand readers every week and his cartoons have been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and the New York Times.  He is the founder of Marketoonist, a content marketing agency focused on the unique medium of cartoons.  He draws literally and figuratively from 20 years in the marketing trenches in the US and Europe, including roles at HotelTonight, Method, General Mills, and Nestle.  Tom is the author of “Your Ad Ignored Here: Cartoons from 15 Years of Marketing, Business, and Doodling in Meetings.”

Tom Fisburne fait partie de la communauté One to One Biarritz

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8 / 10 oct. 2019 Biarritz